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[Quick] Find Out When I Subscribed to a YouTube Channel

How to Find Out When Did You Subscribed to a YouTube Channel

YouTube is a video platform that permits you to share content, watch videos, share them, and leave reviews and comments. It’s probably the best platform for amusement since you can discover a video on pretty much any subject.

With YouTube, you can look for and watch unlimited videos, make your own channel and begin uploading videos of your own collection to get the views, buy-in and withdraw to channels, and make a playlist to mark your videos. YouTube calculation works so that it will suggest you videos dependent on the memberships you have made. It’s in reality somewhat hard for a simple user to totally comprehend the working of YouTube calculation, and most likely, that is the means by which the folks at YouTube need it to be.

How to Find Out When Did You Subscribed to a YouTube Channel

On occasion, you may also be suggested for some videos which are not identified with your YouTube memberships. Obviously, you can’t do much about the videos that jump out of irregular routine, but you can control and handle when did you buy into a YouTube channel.

YouTube gives you a clean home page that has a large group of suggested videos. These videos depend on what you’ve viewed previously, content like individuals you’re subscribed to, and individuals you’re bought into videos. At the point when you subscribe to somebody, and you effectively watch them, their new videos come up on your suggested videos.

How to Find Out When Did You Subscribed to a YouTube Channel

How to Find Out When Did You Subscribed to a YouTube Channel

Sometimes this confuses you, and you may think when did you subscribe to a random person or a channel and how can you view it. So in this discussion, we are solving that problem.

Find out When You Subscribed to any YouTube Channel

In case you’ve been watching somebody for some time, and you need to discover how long you’ve subscribed to them, at that point, you can utilize online tools. Don’t you worry about anything because, on the YouTube application, it is extremely unlikely to get out of this data?

This sort of data can give you when you got into a specific sort of content, or how long you’ve been a fan of somebody. So you can utilize an online tool that will help you with the date you subscribed to a YouTube channel. In case you are interested to know since how long have you been subscribed to a channel, then you ought to settle on third-party tools.

Find out When You Subscribed to any YouTube Channel

Find out When You Subscribed to any YouTube Channel

Sadly, through the YouTube application or site, there’s no immediate method of knowing the solution. That is why you have to depend on outside solutions. Thinking about your YouTube membership history can assist you with deciding on how long you have been into a particular sort of substance. We should discover when we subscribe to a channel utilizing Xxluke. Simply follow the steps.

  • Go to history/
  • Snatch your channels URL. You can do this by getting to your channel and copying the connection before the question mark.
  • Put it into the field and select Continue.
  • In case your memberships are not private, you’ll have the option to see the date on which you subscribed to a channel.
  • Snap-on your profile and select Settings.
  • Select the option Privacy.
  • Uncheck Keep every one of my memberships private. This will make your memberships noticeable to other people.
  • Return to the tool and select Continue in the case of changing your protection settings.
  • You’ll have the option to see the entirety of your memberships and the date you subscribed to them.


We trust that through this discussion, you would have figured out how to see your YouTube membership history. That being stated, in case you have additional questions or inquiries relating to the theme, then you can remark below. Finally, remember to share the article with your companions as no one can tell which companion of yours could be searching for something like this, much the same as you. Everybody could have various motivations to know when they bought into somebody, so hit on the offer catch now!

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Is the outsider online instrument allowed to utilize?

The online device that we have recorded above is totally allowed to utilize. In fact, regardless of whether you utilize some other site/administration to know when you bought into somebody, ensure that you don’t pay for it. This component should be accessibly liberated from cost, and on the off chance that somebody approaches you to pay exclusively for it, recollect that it could be a major trick.

Is the site safe to utilize?

The site 100% protected and secured to use as you simply require your YouTube channel URL and just that. It doesn’t request that you make login or contribution to some other secret subtleties, and this is proof that your YouTube channel or record is absolutely sheltered.

For what reason wouldn’t we be able to legitimately know when we bought into somebody through the YouTube application?

The appropriate response is really straightforward, and that is on the grounds that YouTube at present doesn’t have such an element that permits it to show the YouTube membership history of any client. When there’s an update that offers ascend to such an element, we will try to refresh it here.

How might I see every one of my subscriptions on YouTube?

Visit in your program and sign in with your record, in the event that you aren’t as of now done. Explore to one sideboard. In case you can’t see the sideboard, click on the menu ≡ symbol at the upper left corner. Select SUBSCRIPTIONS from that point.

For what reason did I lose all my YouTube memberships?

Last December, YouTube recognized they had an issue expelling spam accounts, which prompted a colossal supporter executing binge. For most by far of channels, they will lose endorsers through records that either the client themselves has shut or in light of the fact that YouTube has ended them because of an arrangement infringement.

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