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[Easy] Save Animated GIF’s From Twitter [iPhone, Chrome, Android]

How to Save Animated GIF's From Twitter

When someone transfers a GIF on, it’s consequently changed over to video type and Twitter considering it as a GIF; in fact, it is showing a video file. That is the reason you can’t just right-click on a GIF posted on Twitter and then save it, as you regularly do on most different websites.

While this procedure has some valuable favorable steps to follow (video documents are typically littler than GIFs and easier to connect with), it tends to be irritating in case you need to edit or save the picture or GIF. You’d feel that saving GIFs on Twitter would be simple. Sadly, that simply isn’t the situation.

How to Save Animated GIF’s From Twitter

Twitter doesn’t have any tool to let you save GIFs directly. There is no such button to download GIFs you see on its foundation. So saving them requires downloading an extra application as a third-party source, or utilizing a site that represents considerable authority in saving the animated GIFs.

How to Save Animated GIF's From Twitter

How to Save Animated GIF’s From Twitter

In addition to the side, there are a lot of alternatives for managing this issue. Regardless of whether you have an iOS, iPhone, Android device, or you’re utilizing the desktop pc variant of Twitter; this is what you have to think about saving GIFs from Twitter.

Step by step Instructions to save GIFs on Twitter’s from PC Chrome

For those who are using it on a desktop, EZGif is a strong choice for saving Twitter GIFs. Here’s the way by which to utilize it:

Step by step Instructions to save GIFs on Twitter's from PC

Step by step Instructions to save GIFs on Twitter’s from PC

  • Copy the URL for the Tweet that contains the GIF which you need to download.
  • Go to EZGif’s GIF enhancer.
  • There you have to post the tweet’s URL into the content box under “OR add picture URL:
  • Snap-on “Transfer!
  • You’ll see the GIF at the head of the screen, and then you’ll additionally have the chance to edit it from there.
  • For instance, you can change the start and end time for the GIF.
  • Look down to the base of the screen and select “Convert to GIF!
  • Look down again and search until you see another option with the GIF; whenever completed, click the “Save” button that is at the extreme right corner of the new segment on your screen.
  • In that last area, you’ll additionally have the option to roll out different changes, such as including text or other overlays, changing the speed, and enhancing the GIF or resizing it.

Saving a Twitter GIF on Your Android Phone

Shockingly, keeping a Twitter GIF on your cell phone is easier than downloading it on your PC, to a great extent, on account of the restrictions of versatile working frameworks. In any case, a few people depend on their cell phones for everything, and even Twitter is a superior app when it’s in the palm of your hand.

For saving an animated GIF, we’ll be utilizing the Twitter application for Android, joined with some different applications to open the GIF download on your gadget. How about we start it from using the easiest solution that is by using the mobile browser.

Saving a GIF on Your Phone

Saving a GIF on Your Phone

By a long shot, the most characteristic service simply copies the GIF, much the same as the technique we mentioned. It’s not hard to copy the video address inside the Twitter application, and EZGIF has a portable size that makes saving the GIF to your phone similarly as basic.

  • Start by finding the GIF you need to save to your gadget
  • Click on the tweet first
  • Click on the GIF inside the tweet to open it in a full-screen view.
  • Hit the offer button at the base, at that point, select “Copy Link.
  • On Android, you get a notice when the link gets replicated to your clipboard.
  • With the connection copied, open your program and head to, which has a portable site that capacities as illustrated previously.
  • Paste the connection into the case given; however, don’t tap the “Convert” button. The issue with copying the connection from the Twitter share menu is self-evident: the connection copied remembers a welcome for it to “check” out the tweet.
  • Scroll through the URL and delete everything before the ‘https://… ‘ part of the link.
  • Hit the ‘Transfer video!‘ button.
  • Press and hold the recently made GIF.
  • Select ‘Save Image’ to download it directly to your gadget.

Saving a Twitter Gif For iPhone or iOS Users

For iOS, you’ll need to go to GIFwrapped, a solid GIF web search tool on iOS that accompanies the capacity to change over Twitter GIFs into shareable ones and downloadable as well.

For iPhone or iOS Users

For iPhone or iOS Users

  • Copy the link and then you have to paste it inside the GIFwrapped’s using the clipboard feature.
  • Save the GIF to your library
  • Post or share the GIF to any application by utilizing the implicit share element of GIFwrapped.

Since GIFwrapped keeps its library inside the application, its simple to utilize and keen on all the things. With your GIF recently downloaded and saved from Twitter‘s grip, you can post and share the moving picture document anyplace you like. Animated GIFs are an imperative piece of the online world and assist pages with stacking quicker contrasted with real media documents.

Regardless of whether you’re utilizing a committed application or you’re downloading content through EZGIF or another suitable online source, it’s basic to save the animated GIFs for sometime later. It’s additionally senseless that Twitter keeps their GIFs secured a video-like state, but fortunately, they can be changed over and protected for all of us.

Use any other Dedicated Apps for iOS and Android

Notwithstanding the portable webpage for EZGIF, there are a few non-site applications you can install on iOS or Android to achieve something very similar. The applications support the capacity to download and save the content to your gadget as opposed to saving them from the internet browser.

However, utilizing a page is more secure. All things considered, there are tried applications, in case you would prefer to have a committed application that does the same work. But some of them are simply be set up for advertisements. For Android, Tweet2GIF is an application that performs fundamentally the same as EZGIF’s Video-to-GIF web application, but it fills in as a devoted application.

One downside to the application is the lower quality transformation, yet it works extraordinary. You just need to tap the button once to access your GIF, Then convert it and afterward download it. Second, since it occurs inside its application interface, the GIFs are simpler to download and store than they’d in any case be.

Keep in mind that the GIFs come as a piece in lower quality than what we’d in any case need from the platform, but all things being equal, it’s a dependable application.

  • Click on the GIF inside the related tweet to open it in a full-screen view.
  • Tap the ‘Offer’ button at the base
  • Select “Copy Link.”
  • Visit Tweet2GIF from the Play Store.
  • Install and dispatch the application.
  • Paste the Twitter GIF interface you copied.
  • Click the ‘Download GIF’ button from the selection to save a copy to your cell phone.


In this discussion, we discussed how to save animated GIF‘s from twitter easily by using a tool or app. The data mentioned here is relevant and authentic; we hope this info is useful to you, and if there are any questions, you can leave a comment below.

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Where do you get GIFs for twitter?

In the wake of tapping the Tweet symbol, tap the GIF symbol to open the GIF library. You can scan for GIFs by entering different catchphrases in the hunt box, or you can glance through the auto-showed classes to pick a GIF.

For what reason wouldn’t I be able to save GIFs from twitter?

Most of the times, you should simply right-click the picture and spare it. However, on Twitter, the choice to save the picture in the right-click menu isn’t available. This is because that Twitter really changes over totally vivified GIFs into short video documents to expand stacking times.

What are GIFs saved as?

At the point when someone transfers a GIF on, it’s naturally changed over to video and Twitter, while as yet considering it, a GIF, in fact, is showing a video record. That is the reason you can’t just right snap a GIF posted on Twitter and snap “Spare image…”, as you ordinarily do on most different locales.

For what reason are GIFs greater than mp4?

Our exploration has discovered that enlivened GIFs are generally 5 to multiple times bigger than an appropriately encoded MP4 video. This distinction implies that GIFs are not just squandering critical measures of data transfer capacity; they are stacking all the more gradually and making an awful client experience.

Where is GIF typically utilized?

Means “Designs Interchange Format.” GIF is a picture document group generally utilized for pictures on the web and sprites in programming programs. Not at all like the JPEG picture group, GIFs utilizes lossless pressure that doesn’t debase the nature of the picture.

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