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[Quick Guide] How to Use Flip tool in GIMP

Make Mirror Effect in GIMP

Flipping a picture implies rotating it 180 degrees either on a level horizontal or vertically. The last picture is the perfect representation of the first picture as a mirror image. Things marginally contrast with each other for flipping a picture, layer, or option in GIMP.

In case that you need to utilize the flip tool in GIMP, you will discover every little thing about it in this post. Here is a discussion on the best way to flip a picture in GIMP.

How to Use Flip tool in GIMP

On times, the amazing picture editors like GIMP and Photoshop make a basic task, hard with their interface. For example, take the instance of editing a picture into a specific shape. Same as the case, GIMP gives a committed button to flip a picture, but its utilization isn’t clear.

How to Use Flip tool in GIMP

How to Use Flip tool in GIMP

There are two techniques to do it. We should look at them in this discussion.

Utilizing the Transform Tool

The first approach to flip a picture in GIMP is with the assistance of the Transform tool. Not at all like the Flip tool that lets you reflect the image, this option lets you can just flip a layer or a whole picture according to your choice.

Flip a Layer

To do as such, follow these means:

Utilizing the Transform Tool

Utilizing the Transform Tool

  • Open the picture in GIMP.
  • Click on the Layer in the top bar and select Transform from it.
  • Choose your ideal flip course by tapping on Flip Horizontally or Flip Vertically. That will flip the as of now choose layer.

Flip All Layers in GIMP

To flip the content of the considerable number of layers, you have to utilize another Transform option from there. For that, click on the Image options present in the top bar and select Transform, followed by your flip decision.

Make Mirror Effect in GIMP

To do as such, first, we have to copy the picture followed by expanding the size of the picture, and afterward, we need to flip it. Here are the means in detail for the equivalent.

Make Mirror Effect in GIMP

Make Mirror Effect in GIMP

  • Open the picture for which you need to make the mirror impact in GIMP.
  • Right-click on the layer from Layers box and select Copying Layer from it.
  • Now we need to build the size of the canvas. For that, click on Image and select Canvas Size from it.
  • If you need to make the mirror impact on a horizontal plane, you have to expand the width of the canvas, and then for the vertical mirror impact, increase the length.
  • For that, you have to enter *2 close to the given measurement in the particular box. For example, in case that we need to make a vertical mirror impact, we will compose *2 in the Height box.
  • At that point, click on the Resize box. Doing that will make a region having a similar size as that of your picture.
  • Click on the Move tool and then you can drag the layer to the empty base area.
  • With the base layer chosen, click on the Flip device and pick a Vertical course. In case that you had expanded the width, you would need to pick Horizontal.
  • Click anyplace on the picture to flip the base layer. That will make your picture having the mirror impact.

Utilizing the Built-In Flip Tool in GIMP

The built-in flip tool in GIMP can be utilized to switch the layer, determination, and way. You can flip in two ways flat and vertical. The previous alters the course of the picture from left to right while the last start to finish. Other than that, nothing else is changed. Be it the measurements or the pixel data.

Utilizing the Built-In Flip Tool in GIMP

Utilizing the Built-In Flip Tool in GIMP

Flip Image in GIMP

Here’s the way to do it.

  • Launch GIMP and open the picture that you need to flip.
  • Click on the Flip tool present in the tool stash. The symbol has two bolts inside a case.
  • Utilize the Shift + F button to actuate the flip tool.
  • By default, the level flip is empowered. In case you click anyplace on the picture, it will flip on a horizontal plane.

To alter the course to vertical, select Vertical under Direction in the flip Tool Options. At that point, click again on the picture to flip it. At the point when the flip device is dynamic, hold the CTRL-key (Windows) and Command (macOS) to switch between the flip bearings. You have to keep the key pressed and afterward click on the picture.

Flip Layer in GIMP

In case you need to flip a solitary layer of the picture, select that layer by tapping on it in the Layers box. At that point, click on the Flip tool and flip it by clicking anyplace on the picture.

Flip Selection in GIMP

Flipping the determination comes convenient in case you need to flip just a specific segment of the layer. It tends to be utilized to flip letter sets, articles, and a lot more with that.

For that, when you have opened the picture in GIMP, click on any of the choice tools. Utilize the Fuzzy select tool for text. Imprint your choice on the picture.

Next, activate the Flip tool and snap anyplace on the picture. You will get the ideal outcome. Flipping the picture produces noteworthy outcomes. You can utilize it to edit the course of the article inside the image to suit your necessities. For example, if the man in the picture is looking right, you can utilize the flip tool to make him look left. So also, reflect impact brings forth fascinating pictures.


In this discussion, we discussed how to use the flip tool in GIMP and what outcomes it may give to you. The data mentioned in this discussion is authentic and relevant to what, in reality, the process is. In case if you have any inquiries in mind, you can leave a comment below or mail us to know more about this. We will respond when we receive your text or mail.

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What is Flip tool in gimp?

The Flip device gives the capacity to flip layers or determinations either on a level plane or vertically. At the point when a determination is flipped, another layer with a Floating Selection is made. You can utilize this device to make reflections.

How would you reflect on the flip a picture?

To flip your pictures vertically or evenly and accomplish this reflected impact, click on the picture and select Edit Image. This will raise an Edit Image menu where you will locate the two Flip alternatives: Flip Horizontal and Flip Vertical. You can likewise utilize the Rotate catches to pivot your pictures inside their cells.

Does gimp have a magic remove tool?

Crafted by this apparatus is the same as the enchantment wand device of Photoshop. In GIMP, to evacuate foundation, this apparatus works pleasantly. For evacuating picture foundation, from the outset, you should open your picture in GIMP. Go to File from the left corner of the top bar and snap on the open and select the picture document you like to work.

What is perspective apparatus?

You can change to the Perspective Selection device by squeezing Shift+V or choosing it from the Tools board. The Perspective Selection device empowers you to: Bring items, writings, and images in context. Switch dynamic planes utilizing alternate console ways. Move, scale, and copy objects in context space.

For what reason, I look to improve in the mirror than in photographs?

This is on the grounds that the reflection you see each day in the mirror is the one you see to be unique and consequently, a superior looking variant of yourself. In this way, when you take a gander at a photograph of yourself, your face is by all accounts the incorrect path as it is turned around then how you are accustomed to seeing it.

For what reason do pictures come out backward?

In the event that they see themselves unmirrored while taking a gander at a camera, they become occupied and perplexed, particularly in the event that they move the camera since what they see on the telephone is something contrary to what they would find in a mirror. So selfie cameras flip what they see, on a level plane, so as to make a consoling mirror impact.

How would you mirror flip a picture on the iPhone?

From the picture determination screen, tap the photograph you need to flip. Tap the harvesting instrument from the bar along the base (second from the left: it would seem that two covering right points), at that point, select Rotate, lastly Flip Horizontal. Tap the sharing symbol at the upper right and spare the altered snap to your camera roll.

Is a mirror or a selfie more precise?

The vast majority consider photos themselves don’t look “right” – however that is on the grounds that a large portion of us have grown up taking a gander at ourselves prevalently in the washroom reflect. In contrast, others offer the alternative to reflect the picture or not. Thus, yes – one might say, a selfie picture is a more exact picture than a mirror.

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