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[13 Latest] Best Journaling Apps for Windows [8, 10]

Best Journaling Apps for Windows

Journaling may be the action that can help your efficiency and prosperity in only a couple of moments daily. Simply write your contemplations down or record what occurred during the day for a basic method to release the pressure, upgrade innovativeness, increase the joy, improve wellbeing, and increase the work performance, as indicated by research.

Best Journaling Apps for Windows Users

There are a lot of free journal writing software for windows that can help you achieve the goals. They help you increase your knowledge as well, and in case you are looking for the best journaling apps for windows, then this is the ideal spot.

Best Journaling Apps for Windows

Best Journaling Apps for Windows

In this discussion, below mentioned are the best journaling apps for windows along with their details explained.

1. Journey for Windows

Journey is a light-weight journaling app that is accessible on each platform alongside Windows. You start by making sections for every day. Including photographs, sounds, and recordings is simple, however just each in turn.

1. Journey

1. Journey

Journey utilizes Google Drive to reinforce information and syncs it across platforms. The application will consequently add climate and area to your access. You can likewise add smileys to take note of how you were feeling on that day, or about that second. You will like the timetable and schedule include permits you to return in time and discover or rediscover and remember every one of those minutes easily.

  • While Android and iOS applications are free, Windows application will cost you $19.99.
  • There is additionally a cloud plan valued at $2.49. That will open a dull topic, day by day motivation cites, boundless passages by means of email, Zapier coordination, and more approaches to modify sections.

2, Glimpses

It’s in reality somewhat hard to track but down great journaling app for Windows that are additionally free maybe individuals who keep diaries are happy to pay for that benefit. Glimpses is a paid app and furthermore pleasantly structured, with a smooth, clean interface that houses some decent highlights, but not all that numerous as to be overpowering.



You can make your fundamental content posts and include photographs, yet there’s no choice to include extravagant things like audio or drawings. You do have the alternative, which is to give others access to your access through a shareable connection.

  • Glimpses utilize your Dropbox for its distributed storage.
  • If you need to discover something you composed, you can utilize the search feature or read utilizing the schedule.
  • It doesn’t include many solution tools, if that is something you need, however for the extremely short day by day journaling needs, it’s essentially all you will need, and the designers guarantee they’ll be coming out with Android and iOS applications soon.
  • This application can just convert your documents to PDF, in case you need to change to an alternate journaling app later, you may think that it’s troublesome.

3. Diarium for Windows

In case that Glimpses is excessively moderate for you, but you like the essential thought, you’ll most likely enjoy the other journaling app that is Diarium. It has essentially everything that Glimpses doesn’t have. In addition to features that you didn’t understand you need. The main drawback is that following a ten-day free trial, you’ll need to purchase the full version.




The base usefulness of composing sections is upheld up by reconciliation with your framework schedule, so in case you add events to that, you’ll have a programmed file record of what you did.

  • You can join photograph, video, sound, and different records, label your posts, include areas, and even rate your day.
  • Diarium has a few options for the support it up, lets you send out your journal passages, and even gives calculations about your journal sections.
  • You can easily link it to social apps Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Fit, Untappd, and Swarm and have it consequently linked to your posts.
  • You can likewise set it to advise you to make a passage and redo pretty much everything. In case you’re serious about account your life, Diarium is the highest quality journaling app for Windows.

4. Journalist

Journalist is a Windows just journaling application that includes a drawing tool. Individuals who like to draw or sketch their feelings and sentiments on paper will definitely love it. You can sign up to 4 papers to make a looking over video of sorts. It supports different video and GIF formats. Including text, pictures, sound, and recordings are simple. Information is upheld up to OneDrive.



  • The writer goes about as a scrapbook, which adds better approaches to keep up a journal and record your life.
  • The ability to draw and sketch utilizing a number of pens and hues gives more opportunity to be expressive.
  • Nonetheless, it additionally makes the procedure similarly tedious. It’s certainly more appropriate for experts.
  • You can likewise record voice to portray your biography, which is entirely cool.
  • On the other side, it needs pro highlights like schedule, course of events, and auto geo-labeling.

5. Penzu for Windows

Composing a diary section in Penzu is a lot of like composing a blog entry in WordPress, with a What You See Is What You Get interface, complete with a book designing toolbar.



So why not simply use something like Penzu that keeps your accesses together in one diary on the web, rather than a few distinct documents. Custom email updates assist you with making sure to record your diary passage. Also, Penzu can send you tokens of what you’ve written previously with the goal that you can think back about past days.

  • Penzu will keep your data 100 percent hidden. You can hide your diary with a secret word or a password, secure your content with 128-bit encryption, and decide to auto-lock your diary consistently.
  • In case you’re on the Pro version, Penzu can protect your records with military-quality 256-bit encryption.
  • In case that you need to keep a diary a similar way, you may an individual blog, however, keep it hidden; Penzu is an incredible journaling app.
  • You’ll have to jump on the paid Pro version, to get center computerized journaling highlights, for example, labeling.

6. Momento

In case you’re as of now recording your life online via web-based networking media sources, for example, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, you’re keeping a diary. It’s simply spread over the web. Momento brings the entirety of your mutual posts and cooperations from locales like these into one spot, helping you keep an advanced file of your online links and connections.



Momento underpins 11 feeds, including your Uber trip history, Spotify saved tracks and YouTube recordings. You can make new diary passages like you would with an average journaling app. Momento exceeds expectations at reemerging where you’ve been and what you’ve done previously.

  • You can gather collect sections or “minutes” into “event,” so the entirety of the Instagram photographs you were labeled in for a family get-together could live respectively.
  • The application will give you what occurred on a particular date in earlier years, so you can perceive how time has gone.
  • Freeform is supported with up to 3 social feeds, whereas the Paid adaptation: $2.49/month for the Premium upgrade, $37.99/year for the Premium Gold arrangement.


In this discussion, we discussed the best journaling apps for windows that can be used. All these apps have their own features and specifications to bring in the interest of the user. The data added here is relevant and authentic; we hope this info is useful to you, and if there are any questions, you can leave a comment below.

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Are journaling apps safe?

Many of the journaling apps offer security and privacy features, but there is one that is Penzu, which excels at it. This great journal app keeps the entries 100% safe with double password protection and 256-bit AES encryption.

Does Google have a journaling app?

As you may see, using Google Calendar as a work journal, personal diary, or easy tracker is simple to do. For fitness and health or lifetime desires and achievements, it’s terrific. Plus, you may even hold songs of films you watch, books you read, buddies you meet, or cash you spend.

Is Evernote sensible for journaling?

Evernote has many inherent options that facilitate change journaling. Third, you don’t just need to do written entries in Evernote. You’ll additionally do audio entries or use a picture to represent (or go on with) a written entry. This skillfulness makes it a true journaling powerhouse.

What is a web magazine called?

Electronic journals, additionally called ejournals, e-journals, and digital serials, are scholarly journals or highbrow magazines that may be accessed thru digital transmission.

Why do bullet journals have dots?

A dotted pocketbook or a journal is a splendid manner to hold songs of plans via way of means of drawing calendars that paintings for you. Whether it truly is daily, weekly, monthly, or all three, it is as much as you. Thanks to the dots, it is smooth to attract neat strains and separate the web page wherein you want so that you can create the dimensions and layout of the planner you need.

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