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[Easy Fix] Apache Shutdown Unexpectedly in XAMPP

How to Fix the Error Apache Shutdown Unexpectedly in XAMPP

It is a very common situation that a user may get an error saying “Apache shutdown unexpectedly”. People think that this might be a big problem and get confused about what to do. All things considered, when you are getting an error like this, then in this article, we will assist you with arranging this issue and continue with your work.

Initially, check which process is running in your port 80 and check the relative order in your terminal or task manager, which will stop the process specifically, which is utilizing your port 80.

How to Fix the Error Apache Shutdown Unexpectedly in XAMPP

In case you are not keen on stopping that process or that procedure, and you need it to be running. At that point, you need to change the port for the apache worker. But before you change the port for Apache, you must think of the following things.

How to Fix the Error Apache Shutdown Unexpectedly in XAMPP

How to Fix the Error Apache Shutdown Unexpectedly in XAMPP

Why Your Apache shutdown surprisingly in xampp?

This is because of the default port issue, and the default port of Apache is port 80 and skype will most likely be utilizing port 80 which gets strife, and when Apache searches for port 80, it is already involved by another application and won’t let another xampp port to run on a similar port.

You can fix this issue effectively by uninstalling skype and disposing of port 80, but this isn’t a strongly suggested solution. Don’t uninstall skype or some other application; this can be taken care of at the Apache xampp control level.

How to change port in Xampp?

Open php.ini and httpd.conf file and change the port from 80 to 8088 (as you wish).

How to change port in Xampp?

How to change port in Xampp?

Changing XAMPP Default Port

In case you are waiting to get XAMPP fully operational, you ought to consider changing the port from the default 80 to state 8888.

  • In the XAMPP Control Panel, click on the Apache and then Config button, which is situated close to the ‘Logs’ button.
  • Select ‘Apache (httpd.conf)’.
  • Press Ctrl+F to find the ’80’ and change line Listen to 80 to Listen 8888
  • Find again and change line ServerName localhost:80 to ServerName localhost:8888
  • Save and restart Apache. It should be running at this point.

The main problem of this strategy is, you need to expressly remember the port number for the localhost URL. As opposed to http://localhost, it becomes http://localhost:8888.

Incapable of beginning the xampp control board on Port 80?

Uninstall skype or change the port of xampp will fix this issue.

The default port of xampp?

Port 80 is default port of xampp worker

The default port of Skype?

Skype utilizes default Port 80

This error How to fix Apache Shutdown suddenly in Xampp is extremely regular that you will experience while you are utilizing xampp in your localhost, and there are basic and simple fixes for this to make your apache platform going effectively with no hustle.

How to fix Apache Shutdown suddenly in Xampp?

To fix this error of apache shutdown unexpectedly in xampp, you have to change default port 80 and to do that; you have to edit two files, which are http.conf and httpd-ssl.conf documents, let’s see how-to below.

How to fix Apache Shutdown suddenly in Xampp?

How to fix Apache Shutdown suddenly in Xampp?

  • Open Xampp control settings
  • Click on Apache config and open httpd.conf document.
  • Press ctrl+F, and then you need to search for 80 (default port of Apache), and then you have to change it to something different.
  • Now change the setting of listening 80 to listen to 8080.
  • Now again scan for the server name and change the server name localhost:80 to server name localhost: 8080.
  • Save your file and close.
  • Now click on config to Apache in xampp control settings and open http-SSL.conf file.
  • Search for 443 number and change the listen from 443 to 4443
  • Now again, look for virtual host 443 to 4443.
  • Now spare and save all the documents and close all records and stop the running Apache processes and restart all Apache administrations.

After this, when you start it back again, you will see all the default ports are changed, and you won’t experience any error like Apache shut down out of nowhere in xampp any longer, and you can get to localhost with the selected port number of in Apache which localhost:8080.

Apache doesn’t begin equal to evolving port?

Your default port of Apache from 80 is changed to 8080, so you have to get to localhost with port 8080, not 80 models: URL to get to localhost that will be localhost:8080, and then you need to press enter. To get to phpMyAdmin, the URL of the xampp local host will be localhost:8080/phpMyAdmin.

That is it, the issue of apache shutdown surprisingly is fixed effectively, and you can run xampp worker easily, and it will start whenever you run it with no issue.

Stop the application or services that are utilizing the 80 port

In case that you would prefer not to run XAMPP in another port, and still need to keep utilizing the default port 80, you have to find it and stop the program or application before utilizing the port. One such program is mainstream Skype.

Go to Tools, and then you need to click on the Options and then proceed to Advanced, then click on the link; uncheck/un-tick the utilization port 80 and 443 as an option for approaching the link. Stop Skype for the change and afterward restart Apache in XAMPP. Now it ought to be fully operational.

Stop the application or services that are utilizing the 80 port

Stop the application or services that are utilizing the 80 port

In case you have done everything mentioned above, and still, Apache will not run simply like encountered before, at that point, all things considered, then another program is utilizing the port 80. It may be any software from Microsoft or such other apps, you should check for them.

  • To find out the program running port 80 clashing with XAMPP, click the Netstat button at the extreme right. You will see list of tasks along with their separate running port and PID.
  • Search for the program running port “80” and observe and remember its PID.
  • Open Windows Task Manager, take comprehension of program name with the PID.
  • To stop the port clashing, simply Open SERVICES.MSC (in windows 7, it just “services” with a tool symbol) or run CMD command, enter services.msc and stop the program.
  • And remember that in case you locate the clashing system in Windows Task Manager, you can perfectly click and stop that service.
  • Since the program has been stopped, restart Apache and XAMPP should work fine.

The Cause Of This Problem is that the port on which the Apache Xampp is running is utilized by some other programming (generally Skype or vmware), and This issue may likewise emerge in case that you have wrong passages in any of these documents httpd.conf and httpd-vhosts.conf. So as to fix this difficulty, you need to follow the steps we mentioned in this discussion.

For Skype:

  • Open Skype.
  • Click on tools and then you need to click on Options and proceed to Advanced and select Connection.
  • Uncheck the “Utilization port 80 and 443 for options for approaching links” checkbox
  • Sign Out and Close all Skype windows. Have a go at restarting your Apache.

For VMware Or Virtual Box:

In case that you are utilizing vmware, then get the opportunity to go to EDIT and select PREFERENCES and then SHARED VMS and click on DISABLE SHARING and change the port from 443 to some other port e.g., 8443 and save your changes. Restart xampp or wamp


In this discussion, we discussed how to fix Apache Shutdown unexpectedly error caused in XAMPP. All the data mentioned here is relevant and authentic; we hope this info is useful to you, and if there are questions, you can leave a comment below.

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How would you fix Apache won’t start without the configured ports free?

Apache WILL NOT begin without the designed ports free! Snappiest Solution to the Problem is, you can quit Skype and then relaunch the Xampp Control Panel or as a Permanent Solution to the problem, You can just reconfigure your Apache and the Xampp Control Panel to tune in on a Different Port.

How do I free up port 80 on Xampp?

This should be ok by tapping on the “Config” button on a similar line as the “Apache” module, select the “httpd. “Conf record in the dropdown, at that point, change the “Listen 80” line to “Listen 8080”. Save the document and close it. Presently it keeps away from Port 80 and utilizations Port 8080 rather without issue.

What does port forwarding really do?

Port forwarding permits far off PCs (for instance, PCs on the Internet) to interface with a particular PC or administration inside a private neighborhood (LAN). The PCs behind the switch, then again, are imperceptible to have on the Internet as they each discuss just with a private IP address.

What is a port conflict?

Port conflict happens when there’s more than one programming application attempting to “tune in” on a specific port. The most well-known port clash on Windows is brought about by Skype, the product that is utilized to make calls over the web. Figure out how to determine this contention by changing a setting in Skype.

Would I be able to run PHP in Notepad?

You needn’t bother with any extravagant projects to work with the PHP programming language. PHP code is written in plain content. All Windows PCs, including those running Windows 10 accompany a program considered Notepad that makes and alters plain-text archives.

Why is port 80 listen?

The purpose of this error is that some other application is now utilizing port 80. Just a single application can tune in to a port at a given time, so Apache neglects to tie to this port. As port 80 is your default port for http, the most probable explanation is that another web worker (like IIS) is running on your machine.

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